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10 September 1986
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Hello people! Nicki desu, yoroshiku onegaishimasu

I'm from the Philippines. I'm already in my early twenties and a graduate of BS Chemistry. I enjoy a variety of activities during my free time, I've been to many different places before and met a lot of different people. I hope to get to know more here! So feel free to add me...

YES! I’m totally addicted to the J-Pop group NEWS! My life has mainly revolved around these guys since I became a fan (just around spring/summer this year). No ichiban or niban or whatever for them… I totally adore all NEWS member! Yamapi has a special spot though because it’s because of him that I learned about NEWS and Tegomass because they were my first encounter with anything related to NEWS (queue in Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~).

I love JE… I’m not so fond of KAT-TUN though… no offense to their fans! I guess they just don’t appeal to me yet. Kanjani 8 is second in my JE list, followed by Tackey & Tsubasa and Arashi. I listen to other JEs as well but these people have special folders in my laptop!!!

I’m not very familiar with LJ as of yet so do forgive my blunders. I’m not good with graphics (so don’t count on me making icons and such…. huhuhu). I’m more of a ‘follower’ when it comes to LJ, but whatever I ‘take’ I give credits and comments.

Special thanks to xloliconsx for the beautiful LJ layout.

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